March 16, 2018

3 Tips For Planning Your Florida Destination Wedding

A Florida Destination Wedding is a perfect choice for couples wanting a location with great weather, beaches, and a variety of activities and sites to see.  You don’t have to live out-of-state to host your destination wedding here either.  A destination wedding is generally considered to be one that takes place an hour and a half or more from the home of the couple that’s getting married, with the majority of their guests also traveling in from just as far away.


Today I’m sharing 3 Tips as you start planning your Florida Destination Wedding:

Tip #1—Research before picking your wedding date

Florida is a popular wedding destination, so, it’s important to consider a few factors when picking your wedding date. If you want to avoid crowds, be aware that “tourist season” peaks in the winter, which not only means more people and traffic in the area, but also higher costs and limited availability for hotel accommodations and event spaces.  The same is true for major holidays and long holiday weekends.  Also be sure to check city schedules for annual events and festivals that attract larger crowds at specific times of the year.

Seasonal weather is a key factor when choosing your wedding date.  We’re known for our beautiful tropical climate, but pay attention to weather tendencies when deciding on your wedding date.  If you’re dreaming of an outdoor wedding, keep in mind that the official Atlantic Hurricane Season is June 1st to November 30th.  We see a lot of afternoon showers in the summertime, and July and August tend to be extremely hot and humid.  Spring and fall bring the most pleasant weather to South Florida.  I’d say the best times to do a wedding here are late March, April, May and mid-late October and November.

I recommend you book your wedding date as early as possible.  Certain dates will be very popular, such as Saturdays in the spring and fall, Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve, and unique combination dates like 8/18/18.  Those tend to book a year or more in advance.


Tip #2—Choose your location wisely

Florida is a big state with lots of possibilities, so think about the type of wedding you want to have.  That will narrow down what part of the state you should head to.  If you’d love a sunset ceremony on the beach, you’ll need to be on the west coast of the state.  Thinking about being near world-known theme parks?  Then, Central Florida is a great choice.  If you want less crowded, pristine beaches, consider Florida’s east coast.  Is a chic vibe more your style?  South Florida/Miami might be the place for you.  Or perhaps you’d rather to head to the Keys for a more casual celebration.

There are many fabulous venue options here.  So how do you choose?  Figuring out your guest count is the first order of business.  Of course you want to find a venue with a style you love, but you need to make sure the venues you’re considering are the appropriate size for your wedding.  Think about the guest experience—A space that isn’t big enough will be overcrowded and frustrating, while one that’s too big will make your guests feel lost.  Choose a venue that’s sized to give your guests a nice balance of comfort and intimacy.


Tip #3—Be prepared for weather

I always say you can predict the weather, but you can’t guarantee it.  Rain isn’t the only issue here in South Florida.  We also contend with extreme heat, cold snaps, hail, and strong wind.  So, for couples hosting outdoor weddings, a well-thought backup plan for inclement weather is a MUST.  The plan can be as major as moving the entire event indoors (if the venue offers that option) or having a tent installed.  It can be as simple as adding sides to the tent to block rain, pitching umbrellas to provide shade, setting up portable heaters to add warmth, or providing hand fans to keep guests cool. Most importantly, prepare for the backup plan before wedding day so that on wedding day, all you’ll have to do is decide whether or not to implement the plan.


Thanks for stopping by our blog today.  If you’re considering a Florida Destination Wedding, I’d love to work with you.  Get in touch soon so we can chat more about it!

Happy planning,



About the author:  Christine Terezakis is an award-winning South Florida Master Wedding Planner, Event Designer, and Owner of Dreamday Weddings, with planning studios located in Palm City and West Palm Beach.  Specializing in the planning of luxury weddings, Florida Destination Weddings, and social events.  For inquiries about planning and design services for your wedding or celebration, please contact Christine by email: or by phone: 772-285-9147.