August 22, 2018

5 Simple Ways to Declutter Your Wedding Planning

Summertime is the off-season for weddings here in South Florida, so I like to take advantage of this downtime to reorganize my planning and design spaces and to refresh our services for the upcoming busy wedding and engagement season.

As I work on decluttering my office, I’m thinking about how important it is for couples to declutter their wedding planning. If you don’t, you’ll wind up with planning chaos.  Simple things like being able to quickly find important papers, easily access info needed for making selections, and checking things off of your to-do list will relieve a lot of wedding planning stress.

So, whether you’re jumpstarting your wedding plans now, or if you’ve been working on your plans for a while, here’s how you can start decluttering your wedding planning TODAY.



You’ve been collecting brochures, business cards, and information packets from all kinds of vendors and venues up to now, right?  Well, it’s time for a purge.  You hired your venue months ago. Why are you still hanging on to the information from the 5 others you visited?  Hand them off to a friend who’s planning a wedding, or pitch them into the recycle bin.  Get rid of papers from the vendors you’ve decided not to hire, and keep only what you need for your wedding.


Reduce the paper chase even more by creating digital files that you can access from your phone or tablet for all of your wedding related documents and info: contracts, wedding package information, catering menu options, and inspiration photos for your wedding decor.  Not only does this organize things simply to one tiny place, but it makes the information portable.  (It’s also better for the environment!)


You have a lot of dates to keep track of right now.  Create a dedicated digital or online wedding calendar for important dates like: vendor payment schedules, appointments, wedding task due dates, and upcoming wedding events such as your wedding shower and bachelorette trip.  Then, set reminders on your phone.  It’s always with you, so, you’ll never have to worry about forgetting a deadline or a special date.


Keep a small notebook handy at all times (small enough to keep in your purse or pocket so it always comes with you).  Jot down notes as things pop into your head—questions you need to ask, shopping lists, ideas of what to pack for your honeymoon—whatever you need to get out of your head and down onto paper so you won’t forget.  You’ll be amazed at how writing down those thoughts will declutter your mind and help keep you focused and organized.


Say goodbye to the wedding décor hand-me-downs.  Are well-intending friends giving you their leftover wedding décor items?  I know taking them seems like a good idea because it could save you money on your wedding.  But now you’re planning your wedding and none of that stuff will work with your venue or your wedding style.  Don’t try to make the items work. THEY WON’T, and you’ll be cluttering up your space by storing it all.  It’s time to make room for your own wedding items, so, dust off those hand-me-downs and sell or donate to someone who can use them.   Freeing up this space will give you room to organize and store the décor pieces you’ll want, need and LOVE for your wedding.


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