January 18, 2016

Ready, Set, Plan! – 5 Best Ways to Start Planning Your Wedding

By: Christine Terezakis

CONGRATULATIONS on getting engaged to the person of your dreams! The excitement is wonderful. And then you’ll begin to wonder where to start. What should you be doing right now? Getting organized with your game plan. Doing this from the very beginning of your planning is crucial. Treasure Coast Wedding Planner, Christine Terezakis, has compiled a list of 5 Ideas you can do TODAY to help you get started.


  1. Discuss the Wedding budget.

Regardless of whether or not it’s your parents or yourselves footing the bill, you have to decide on a wedding budget to work within. And it’s important to discuss that budget with whomever will be contributing. After all, if Aunt Mary is purchasing your wedding dress, you’ll need to know how much she is willing to spend on it. This step is ultra important. This will give you a better idea of how to proceed and what to look at for when researching locations, vendor pricing, and basically everything concerning your wedding.

  1. Decide who the final decision maker will be

This one may sound weird, but it’s no coincidence that I have put this tip right after the one about budgets. While couples usually do try to plan their weddings together there needs to be someone who makes the final decisions on things. This person will probably be the one who is most hands-on with the planning. Keep in mind that these “things” might play heavily in your wedding expenditures.   So it isn’t completely crazy to consider that the final say will be said by the person paying for the wedding. It is best to have a discussion about who will be taking on this role in order to avoid any confusion, hard feelings, or disappointment as you move ahead with your plans.


  1. Creating the Guest List

As taxing as it can be to create your guest list, it is best to do this as soon as you establish your budget. The amount of guests you plan to host will directly affect your budget as well as your venue options. Here’s a guest list tip: Make three separate lists for “must invite”, “would like to invite”, and “do not have to invite”. Think about who you actually spend time with throughout the year. That sorority sister you haven’t spoken to in four years might not make the invite list. Creating separate lists will help you trim down your numbers if you need to.


  1. Pick a wedding date and desired city location

It’s almost impossible to move forward with your plans if you don’t know and where you will be having your wedding. Once you have decided where you would like to get married start doing research on venues in that area, and check their availability for your date. Having your date and location secured will allow you to be able to book everything else you’ll need. It will also make it easier for guests to start making travel plans for your wedding if necessary.


  1. Obtain vendor information

Now that you have addressed the budget, created a guest list, set a date, and decided where you want to have your beautiful wedding, it is time to start obtaining some vendor information. There will be many different options for everything from floral companies to Flamenco dancers, so start your research early. Look for reputable wedding pros that not only fit your budget, but who will fit your wedding style. If this seems like a daunting task for you, consider hiring a wedding planner who can match you up with the right wedding professionals for your particular wedding.

Happy planning,


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