October 20, 2008

Shoes! Comfy, beautiful shoes!

Nina shoeAs a bride, you'll want gorgeous shoes that will compliment your dress.  We girls know that the "hottest" shoes aren't always the most comfortable.  And, the most comfortable shoes aren't always the most beautiful. 

So, I've been on a quest to find shoes that I can recommend to my brides.  There were two requirements:  The shoes had to be pretty AND they had to be comfortable!  So, I researched what actual brides have to say about certain brands and styles.  I was delighted to find a variety of choices out there for you. 

Here are brands and/or styles that REAL BRIDES recommend: (I've already found web sites where you can check them out and have listed them for you!)

Kate Spade– style: "Georgia"   This designer offers lots of styles and dyeables.


Kate spade shoe











Jimmy Choo– style: "Emma" www.jimmychoo.com

Jimmy Choo shoe 



Dyeables– style: "Rainbow"  www.dyeables.com  (under, "Prom shoes")


 Dyeable shoes- rainbow


Here's a unique idea…custom made ballroom shoes.  They can be done in your choice of shoe style.  You pick the design, heel height & width, material/beading/color.  Cute & comfy!  Lots of pictures on their site.


Ballrom dance shoe2  Ballroom dance shoe


Here are some others they liked:

Nina (no particular style.  I've pictured one at the top of this article.) www.ninashoes.com

Manolo Blahnik (Top of the shoe fashion pyramid!)  no particular style, but, brides swear they're comfortable and absolutely love them.  www.monoloblahnik.com  

Shelley George shoes- style: "Daisy" www.dyeableshoestore.com

Cole Haan (no particular style)  This designer offers Nike Air insoles.  www.colehaan.com

Butter– all styles (Designs by Cynthia Rawley)  www.shoes.com    www.buttershoes.com

Stuart Weitzman– style: "Waltzing"  I couldn't find this particular style, but, lots of his other shoes can be found on www.zappos.com and www.theshoefairy.com

Diane Hassal (no particular style)  Her shoes are hand made.  www.englishbridalcouture.com 

You are now one "step" closer to finding your perfect wedding shoes. Let me know if you find some other great brands and styles that will be kind to your tootsies!

Happy shopping!

~ Christine