January 11, 2016

The First Things You Should Do To Savor Your Engagement

YOU ARE NOW ENGAGED. What an exciting and special time in your life! Want to make this time extra special? Here are a few creative, and fun ideas to get you started…


  1. Photograph the moment

Nothing captures a moment in time better than pictures. Photograph yourselves and the rings just after the question was popped to document the moment. Make it creative! For example, did you get engaged on a beach? Write your names in the sand and use shells or starfish to stage the rings.

  1. Announce to Friends and Family

Consider having a small get together with close family and friends to share the big news. This could be something simple like a dessert or appetizers party. Consider adding a creative element to the gathering by making the engagement announcement a SURPRISE. How about using those creative engagement photos to add to the element of surprise?

  1. Start a Scrap Book

This is a fun addition to a traditional wedding planning book. The scrap book could contain anything including photos from the engagement and “announcement party”, showers, bachelorette, dress shopping, planning appointments, etc. This will be a fun item to look back on for your one year anniversary.

  1. Buy a few bridal magazines

This would be a good time to start looking at some ideas for your special day. Pick up a few different bridal magazines and start marking the things that you like. If you want to make this extra fun, invite some of your friends over for a Girls Night! Open some wine, look through the magazines together, and maybe even watch a wedding movie like “Bridesmaids.”

  1. RELAX

Take some time to enjoy the moment before all of the planning begins. It is important to take time out for yourselves during the entire process.


Congratulations on your engagement! Be sure to visit our website to view our photo galleries for some inspiration. If you’re ready to start the planning process, contact us for a complimentary get acquainted session to see how we can help.

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