November 08, 2008

Wedding Trends in the U.S.A.

ABCLogocolor_webpageonly  I'm very honored to have been asked by the Association of Bridal Consultants to co-lead an ABC Local Networking Group for south Florida's Treasure Coast and the Palm Beaches.  The association is the largest professional organization dedicated to wedding professionals worldwide and has over 40,000 members.  The ABC is known for it's commitment to high standards, excellent business ethics and continuing education requirements of it's members. That's why you'll see, in so many wedding planning books, the recommendation of wedding planners who are ABC members.

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 Wedding Trends in the U.S.A.

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At our ABC LNG kick-off meeting, we presented the topic of U.S.A. wedding trends and expenses.  I've found that when the wedding planning starts, many bridal couples don't really know what it costs to have a wedding. I'd like to share with you some interesting average wedding statistics for weddings in the United States for this year. 



The following information is credited to a report furnished by The Wedding Report, Inc. for the year 2008. 


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                       There will be an estimated 2,212,923 weddings this year

  • The average wedding will cost $28,704
  • More weddings will occur in June than any other month (324,193)
  • The average number of wedding guests is 166
  • The average cost for a wedding gown is $1,317
  • The average age of a bride is 26
  • This year's bride has an average annual income of $30,719
  • The average age of a groom is 28
  • This year's groom has an average annual income of $34,167
  • The average tuxedo rental cost is $69.95
  • A wedding cake will cost $544 (average $4.52 per slice)
  • Average total cost for flowers (ceremony & reception) is $2,033 (bride's bouquet $146)
  • The average engagement ring costs $4,332
  • Average entertainment costs: Reception Band $1,786; Reception DJ $702
  • This year's most popular songs are: Alicia Keys' "No One" and Madonna/Justin Timberlake's "4 Minutes"
  • A professional photographer will cost an average of $1,956
  • A professional videographer will cost an average of $1,546
  • Invitations and reply cards will cost $431
  • Limousine Service $690
  • The Nintendo Wii game ($399) is the trendy gift of choice
  • Average honeymoon $3,805
  • The most popular honeymoon destination is Hawaii 

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